Sectional Garage Doors

Are you looking for a garage door that suits your garage?

If so, the twD-2000 is the right choice for you. The 40mm thick sandwich panels of the door leaf are manufactured from the hot dip galvanized steel sheet. To match your construction, our engineers will calculate the optimal height of the panels between 410mm and 550mm. The panels are manufactured specifically to your requirements up to a width of 6000mm. You will receive a door that fits your garage to the last millimeter with evenly-spaced panels producing a harmonious appearance.

If you love something special, then allow us to introduce the twD-3000. Its strikingly smooth surface with tasteful decorative panels – ranging from 267 mm to 317 mm in height and up to 3000 mm in width – underlines the impact a statement your property makes. With its integrated hinges and the patented “seamless” panel joints, the exterior and interior of our twD-3000 is impressive. These are available in insulated and non-insulated versions. The enameled 36 mm thick steel sheet door leaf will stand up to many years of daily use. Powered by a high-tech drive with remote control operation, the twD-3000 opens and closes almost noiselessly.

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