Structured cabling Oem

G10 ENGINEERING provides an utmost range of perfection in the field of cabling in a wide area networking. Nowadays G10 has become one of the best solutions in the area of easy network cabling. G10 ENGINEERING provides services to solve today’s complex networking challenges. Combining extensive LAN/WAN networking resources with a focused team approach, we offer a single, reliable source for a full range of network integration services and wide area connectivity solutions starting from network architecture to implementation. Our structured cabling system meets all of the national and international standards of performance. The solutions offered are from the basic category 3 mainly used for voice .Communication, through to the latest UTP category 6a, giving the client the ability to run 10 Gigabit Ethernet over a UTP network.

G10 gives a complete solution for networking. We provide a secured and easy way of networking which gives faster communication.

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