Interior Design and Execution

Interior Design and Execution

We are one of the greatest Interior Designers in the area. We can work with any budget. No compromise in terms of quality. We create rooms that are customised to your preferences. Cost-effective 3D design modelling services. We guarantee complete pricing transparency.

What we do?

Initial Meeting:

We meet in person to talk about the project's goals, design needs, priorities, budget, schedule, and price structure. We collaborate with you to create a thorough plan that is both time and cost effective. To avoid costly delays and setbacks, technical and regulatory requirements are addressed at the start of the design process. Online meetings are available.

Perception and Design:

Before you start planning a new office design or upgrading your current one, you'll need to figure out where your furniture will go and how you'll use your space. G 10 Engineering collaborates with your team to assess the level of structure required in your office. Then, with the help of our expertise, we'll design and implement a unique space plan, complete with 3D inside representations.

Interior designer sitting at the table and drawing sketches

The designer takes initial field measurements, pictures, and documents the client's precise project demands and specifications. Following that, the designer begins preliminary space layouts as well as two-dimensional design idea studies and sketches that incorporate the client's requirements. Schematic drawings, rapid sketches, and graphic visualisations accompany the concept statement.


Whether we do it ourselves or hire a subcontractor, construction is handled by our competent personnel. To expedite and optimise the construction process, we stay up to speed on the latest technologies and industry standards. Finally, we will keep you informed about the construction progress at every stage of the project. Communication is essential to ensure that you are always informed about how your design goals are progressing during the construction phase.

It is our highest aim to keep our clients' projects on budget and on time. We ensure that every stage of the often-complicated design, building, and refurbishment process is completed successfully. Our client relations team serves as a single point of contact for all final issues once handover is complete. The settling in period allows you to identify any further issues that need to be addressed, and we will be with you during this phase to ensure that the space is working for you in the manner you want it to.

Project Administration and Delivery:

When you engage with us, you can rest confident that the project management components of the construction will be handled by us. It is our responsibility to ensure that everything is done in accordance with the design plans we established during the consultation stage. G 10 Engineering's project management service covers all aspects of the often-complicated design, construction, and renovation process. From the first meeting to the final output, we listen to your needs and handle the process.

Interior design, color swatch and woman designer in a company collaboration for renovation project.

Monitoring and Assessment:

The project team gives over operation and maintenance manuals, a Precise Performance Management Plan, and practical completion certifications after the project is completed. We do frequent job walk-throughs during the project to produce a hit list of things that need to be fixed prior to and after occupancy. We regularly check in with clients six months and a year after they move in to ensure that they are happy.

G10 Engineering is a well-established firm that specialises in turnkey construction projects in Qatar and India.

G10 provides all  services under one roof  and our Motto is

“ Engineering your Dream with Us”

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